Good hair is healthy hair and healthy hair is good hair.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp.  Before the hair appears externally it
appears inside the scalp being manufactured by the hair follicle.  If you
focus on the health of the hair even before it surfaces, the chances of having
healthy hair increase tremendously.

A healthy scalp is a clean scalp.  Most hair products are designed to
address the hair strands, and so are not designed to penetrate but rather
they sit atop of the hair which, even though it may make your hair
temporarily smooth and shiny, does nothing for the health of the scalp.

Just like the skin on your body, the sensitive skin of the scalp changes with
age and needs to be maintained gently.  The scalp is supplied with an
abundance of blood vessels. The scalp is also richly supplied with glands
that provide oils to the scalp. These glands are called ‘Sebaceous glands’
and secrete oils onto the scalp which are known as sebum.  Even though the
skin on the scalp is the same as the skin all over the body, these unique
characteristics make it far more vulnerable to certain skin disorders such
as fungal infections and parasitic infestations.

To maintain a healthy scalp h
ere are some tips to help it function optimally:
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1.  Avoid placing products such as heavy oils, grease or wax that can clog the pores on the scalp.  Remember your
scalp, like your skin, needs to breath and also produces its own natural oil.  When additional products such as heavy
oils are added to the scalp it slows down the production of sebum.  Would you put petroleum oil or glue on your face
and leave it on all day or week without washing it off? If your answer is no, choose carefully what you expose the skin
on your head to.

 An unwashed scalp, like the skin on your body, will become dirty, clogged and smelly.   Contrary to what we were
taught growing up, it is not necessary to cleanse the hair or scalp with shampoos weekly and certainly not daily.
During the summer months when we sweat more, we may need to cleanse our scalp more often than we do in the winter
months.  Cleansing the scalp should not be done with harsh chemicals as they can deplete the scalp and hair of
moisture. I am an advocate of sulfate-free methods of cleansing and so am a proponent of cleansing conditioners and
sulfate free shampoos.  In between shampoos you can choose to do a co-wash or conditioner wash.  There are several
hair care companies such as As I Am and Pantene Naturals that make great cleansing conditioners.  When cleansing
the scalp it is important to remember to use the beds of your finger tips rather than your fingernails when massaging
the cleansing product in.
 A clean scalp promotes healthy hair and hair growth.

 Scalp massages are a great way to get the hair follicles stimulated and allow for the circulation of blood and
.  Taking time to massage the scalp for at least 5 mins a day can greatly contribute to the health of the scalp.

 It is a fact that a balanced diet benefits the well-being of the body. It is especially so for scalp health. Your body
distributes nutrients according to the importance of an organ and what it needs to keep you alive, so vital organs
usually get nutrients first. This means that if your diet is particularly nutritious, your scalp will benefit because there is
a lot of nutrients to go around. In cases where you know you are not giving your body the necessary nutrients,
supplying nutrients to the body using transdermal products can be extremely beneficial to the scalp.

 Avoid anything that can cause damage to the scalp such as sharp objects, accessories or hair styles that dig or
press into the tissues of the scalp.  Chemicals, heat and heat accessories can cause burning or scorching of the scalp
resulting in permanent scars and damage to the scalp.  If you choose to apply harsh chemical or heat near the scalp
take the precautions to thoroughly protect it.   

If the scalp is unhealthy then the hair will be unhealthy, or even worse—there will be no hair at all.  On the other hand, if
it is properly tended to, your hair will flourish. A healthy, clean scalp is optimal for hair growth.

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